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Breathwork for Moms (Group Class)

A unique breathwork experience designed just moms to help you release, reset & recharge.

Breathwork for Moms (Group Class)
Breathwork for Moms (Group Class)

Time & Location

Jan 09, 2024, 8:00 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. PST


About the event

What is HeartBreathTM?

HeartBreathTM is a cutting-edge, trauma-informed breathwork practice that integrates two distinct conscious breath patterns, heart energetics and neuroscience to support you in your wellness. Curated by Loretta Cella, HeartBreathTM incorporates an innovative meditative practice as well body therapy breathwork to promote deep healing, transformation and connection.

How it Works

As you move through life, the “trauma and drama” you experience get stored as stress in your body. This stress accumulates, creating physical, mental and emotional blockages, which over time can lead to various ailments, dis-ease, diseases and disorders.

The HeartBreathTM method harnesses the power of the heart and the breath to release these blockages and support healing & transformation.

HeartBreathTM begins with a unique meditation designed to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, promote relaxation & grounding, and tap into your heart’s electromagnetic field.

Then, through a holotropic-style body therapy breathwork, you are safely guided into an intentional, controlled and rhythmic breath pattern, which will activate your sympathetic nervous system, circulate oxygen throughout the body, and expel CO2. This oxygenation process unlocks the energy, stress and blockages that have been trapped in your body, allowing them to rise and be released.

By doing this powerful style of breathwork while tapped into the energy of your heart field, you can amplify your experience and healing journey.


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