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Intro to Breathwork for Moms (Group Class)

A breathwork class for moms who want to try a unique style of breathwork called HeartBreath. This introductory class will spend time explaining what HeartBreath is, how it works, and why it's a powerful tool for healing before embarking on the breathwork session.

Intro to Breathwork for Moms (Group Class)
Intro to Breathwork for Moms (Group Class)

Time & Location

Nov 26, 2023, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. PST


About the event

What is HeartBreathTM?

HeartBreathTM is a cutting-edge, trauma-informed breathwork practice that integrates two distinct conscious breath patterns, heart energetics and neuroscience to support you in your wellness. Curated by Loretta Cella, HeartBreathTM incorporates an innovative meditative practice as well body therapy breathwork to promote deep healing, transformation and connection.

How it Works

As you move through life, the “trauma and drama” you experience get stored as stress in your body. This stress accumulates, creating physical, mental and emotional blockages, which over time can lead to various ailments, dis-ease, diseases and disorders.

The HeartBreathTM method harnesses both the power of the heart and the breath to release these blockages and support healing & transformation.

HeartBreathTM begins with a unique meditation designed to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, promote relaxation & grounding, and tap into your heart’s electromagnetic field.

Then, through a holotropic-style body therapy breathwork, you are safely guided into an intentional, controlled and rhythmic breath pattern, which will activate your sympathetic nervous system, circulate oxygen throughout the body, and expel CO2. This oxygenation process unlocks the energy, stress and blockages that have been trapped in your body, allowing them to rise and be released.

By doing this powerful style of breathwork while tapped into the energy of your heart field, you can amplify your experience and healing journey.

What to Expect During a HeartBreathTM Session:

Please read the following instructions in advance to ensure you are prepared for a session and can benefit the most from the experience.


- Do not eat or drink (other than water) 1-2 hours (ideally 2) before the session

- No mind-altering substances (alcohol or drugs) day of.

- Have a blanket, eye mask, journal, pen & water ready. Headphones are also recommended for a deeper experience.

- Have a quiet, uninterrupted space where you can lay down comfortably.

- Ensure good internet connection and a computer with video and audio. I will need to be able to see from your stomach to your head.

- Wear comfortable clothes

- Drink lots of water throughout the day and especially after the session

The Session:

While each HeartBreathTM experience is unique, this session will be 1h15mins-1.5hours, will take place online (Zoom), and will unfold as outlined below:

Introduction, Questions & Intention Setting (25 mins): I will go over what to expect as well as the breath pattern, and will answer any questions. Then, you will have a few minutes to journal on the reflection questions and your intention for the session.

HeartField Meditation (15 mins): You will then lay down, put on your blanket & eye mask (optional) and I will guide you through a body scan & HeartField meditation to ground you and activate your heart’s energetic field.

Breathwork (20-30mins): The playlist will begin and I will guide you through a 3-part, open-mouth breath pattern.

As you begin this breath pattern, you may experience some light-headedness, bodily discomfort, and thoughts telling you to stop. This is normal as your sympathetic nervous system is being activated and your body is not used to breathing this way.

As the session progresses, you may experience dry mouth, a tingling sensation or pressure in your body, especially in the wrists, hands & feet, cramping or curling up of the hands, joint pressure, heat in your extremities.

Throughout the session, as the stored energy gets released, emotions, memories, thoughts & images may come up. You may also feel a connection to your intuition or Higher Self, access other levels of consciousness, or have an existential experience.

While the intensity of the experience may vary, you will be in control the whole time and I will be there to support you. If at any point you feel too uncomfortable or the experience becomes too intense, you can lighten or slow the breath, or come out of the breath pattern altogether. Let me know if this happens so that I can guide & support you.

Release: Around the 20-30-minute mark, I will cue you to release the energy that has been building up in your body. On my cue to release, you may exhale deeply, give an audible sigh, scream, cry, moan, stretch, shake your body or do whatever your body needs to do to release the energy. You will have two opportunities to release.

Savasana (10 mins): After the release, I will guide you to return to your natural breathing pattern and enjoy a period of relaxation.

Post Session:

- I will follow-up within 24 hours of your session and be available should you need any further support or resources.

- Be sure to drink plenty of water after the session and throughout the day.

- Following a session, you may find it beneficial to move slowly, go for a short walk, or have a 15-20 min Epsom salt bath or foot soak.

- Be gentle & kind to yourself as you integrate your experience. You may want to reduce social media or any over-stimulating environments immediately following a session.

- To continue to grow my skills and business, I would greatly appreciate any feedback and/or a testimonial if you had a good experience.


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