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Motherhood is a holistic, 10-week 1:1 coaching program where we dive in deep to help you navigate the transition to motherhood and rediscover yourself in the process. 

This program will help you overcome challenges that are unique to new motherhood (hello mom guilt!) so that you can step into the "new you" with power & purpose, and start loving life again.


Designed for busy new moms, this program cuts right to core while fitting in easily with busy lifestyles.

Learn to prioritize your needs and self-care, improve your mindset, manage your emotions, rediscover your identity and gain clarity on your passion, career and goals with this comprehensive – but accessible – 10-week package.


Module 1:


You will be introduced to the concept of matrescence, as well as the program framework and modules.​​

Module 4:


You will learn how your mind has been impacted by matrescence, how your thoughts and thought-patterns work, and ways to rewire your brain.

Module 2:


You will learn about the power of matrescence, which is a woman’s developmental transition to motherhood.

Module 5:


You will explore the emotional rollercoaster of matrescence, improve your emotional intelligence and learn to manage big emotions.

Module 3:


You will dig into what is happening to your body during matrescence and look at ways to get your needs met on a more consistent basis.

Module 6:


You will uncover how matrescence can lead to an identity crisis, let go of your old self and explore your new identity.


This program uses a simple, holistic framework to explain how you have been impacted during the transition to motherhood - a process known as matrescence. Through the lens of the Body, Mind, Heart & Soul, this program focuses on the shifts that occur in new motherhood and addresses the challenges that arise in these areas.

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Module 7:


You will have an opportunity to share and rewrite your motherhood story.

Module 8:

The Next Chapter

You will explore your goals, passions and/or career, and carve out a plan to help you achieve them.


5 live, 1:1 bi-weekly coaching calls

6 educational PDF/audio files

Game plan to pursue your goals, passion or career

Weekly Voxer support

1 live storytelling session

$1500 CAD

What clients are saying about the Motherhood Program

“I really love how easy and flexible the structure of the program is. For someone like myself it was so accommodating and I felt it was super easy to do even with my hectic mom of 2 small children schedule. The PDFs/ Audio options were great for those who might not have the time to read but could listen and vice versa. I think the use of Voxer for support as well as maybe adding any additional exercises that couldn't get discussed during calls is also super helpful.”

- Kari

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