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Hosting in-person events is one of my FAVOURITE things.

Whether you're looking for small, intimate gatherings, large-scale conferences, or a weekend retreat,

I've got you covered, mama.

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A one-day event to celebrate the woman inside the mother, and honour the profound journey of personal transformation that occurs in motherhood.

Through a series of workshops and panels, our group of dynamic speakers will cover subjects that help moms navigate the challenges and rewards of the hardest job in the world, embrace their ever-changing identities, and ultimately step into their personal power.

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An intimate, in-person gathering for moms who want to meet new mom friends, have meaningful discussions, and develop tools to address common motherhood challenges.

Part workshop, part discussion group, these small-group gatherings are kid-free and mother-centered so that you can focus on YOU.

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Mama's Retreat

Enjoy a weekend away that is all about YOU!


During this kid-free getaway, you get to relax, connect with other mamas, focus on your personal growth and have uninterrupted adult conversation.


Rest your body. Recharge your soul. Rediscover yourself.


Harrison Hotsprings, BC

Date: TBD

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