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For cycle breaking moms of children age baby-to-teen who want to do motherhood their way.




If you've ever felt the weight of the invisible load of motherhood, this one's for you. Join us for this one-day event that unpacks these big topics, builds community, and helps to lighten the load.

In a world that wants us to raise children like we don’t work, and work like we aren’t raising children, what is the value of a mother?

IGNITE: Motherhood Wellness Summit is a one-day event for moms to celebrate the woman inside the mother, and honour the profound journey of personal transformation that occurs in motherhood.

Through a series of workshops and panels, our group of dynamic speakers will cover subjects that help moms navigate the challenges and rewards of the hardest job in the world, embrace their ever-changing identities, and ultimately step into their personal power. 



Sunday, November 5, 2023
9:00am - 2:30pm
Riverway Clubhouse | Burnaby, BC
Brunch, Coffee & Baked Goods
Vendor Market

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Meet our inspirational speakers and panelists:

Dr. Ally ND.jpg

Dr. Ally Power, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ally Power is a Naturopathic doctor, and mama to two busy young boys, who has dedicated her practice to helping busy moms prioritize their health. As a busy working mama, she understands the demands that pregnancy and motherhood place on women, and the burnout that can result. She supports moms to have more energy, less anxiety, and more joy through motherhood. 


Breanne Felicella

Boundaries Coach

A Certified Counsellor & Life Coach, Breanne helps women recognize and break free from people pleasing patterns, develop and strengthen their self-worth and begin to feel empowered to set healthy, kind boundaries without guilt. She shares her knowledge freely at Diary of a People Pleaser.


Kelsie Chernenko

Motherhood Coach

As a certified Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator, Kelsie is a mom of two, wife, coffee lover, storyteller, and Motherhood Coach. She uses a variety of holistic modalities and techniques to help new moms navigate the transition to motherhood – and all the challenges that come with it – so they can step into their new identity with power and purpose, and start loving life again.


Kristine Sostar McLellan

Co-founder, One Tough Mother

After a painful postpartum recovery, Kristine co-founded One Tough Mother. By empowering mothers (and all birthing people) with the resources they need for a better physical recovery, she hopes to make a positive impact on the larger transition into motherhood and parenting. She also digs deep into these topics with her Substack newsletter, which she hopes will make others feel less alone.


Loretta Cella

HeartBreath Therapist + Wellness Coach

Loretta is a Certified Coach with 24 years of experience in human services across 14 countries. She provides practical tools and resources to help people step into their authentic selves. Her personalized approach and expertise in transformative coaching, leadership, and change management have received honours, including speaking at two TEDx conferences, and being nominated for community development by the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards.

Sam Garcia.jpg

Samantha Gagnon

CEO, Bellies Inc.

Samantha Garcia Gagnon is a doula, prenatal educator and the owner of Bellies Inc. which provides prenatal and postpartum products for comfort and healing. With her decade long career in birth, Samantha has established herself as a passionate advocate for informed choice in birth, offering holistic prenatal and postnatal services and products to help individuals have positive and powerful birth experiences. 


Sonia Sunger

Global TV News Anchor

Co-anchor of Global News Morning, a wife, and a mother of two, Sonia is a west coast girl with nearly two decades of experience as a broadcast journalist, and is slowly adjusting to being back at work full time with two young children. The one thing she wishes she knew before becoming a mother is that it can lead you to become a better version of yourself.


Gillian Behnke

Founder, Mom Camp

Gillian cares deeply about helping moms put themselves back on their own priority list. A mom of two teens, she believes that motherhood does not have to equal exhaustion, and that it's possible to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and professionally. As the founder of Mom Camp, she creates retreats for moms to take time to reconnect with themselves and their motherhood community. She is also the host of the Mom Camp: Around the Campfire podcast. 


Rachel Coach

Stay at Home Mom

Rachel is a wife and a stay-at-home mom of two young children, with a keen interest in psychology and child development. After choosing to leave her career so that she could raise her daughters, she has had to face the societal pressures and unique obstacles that come with the job of SAHM. By embracing her own dramatic shift in identity and self-rediscovery, Rachel hopes to inspire other mothers to confidently embrace their unique journey in motherhood.



A one-day summit for moms to celebrate the woman inside the mother.

Workshops & Panels


Exploring Identity
Shifts in Motherhood

In this interactive workshop, we will explore the concept of matrescence and the different pieces that lead to the massive identity shift that occurs in motherhood. We'll also discuss why you may feel lost since becoming a mom and how you can (re)discover yourself. You will walk away with a greater understanding of this transformative process and tools to ignite  the new you. 


Beyond Closed Doors: Unmasking the Sacred Messages Held by the "Angry" Mother

Through her profound insights and innovative approach, Loretta's session will inspire and empower attendees to connect with their hearts, hone their resilience, and find peace amidst the chaos of motherhood. Join us as we embark on this soulful journey with Loretta as our guide.


Boundaries & People-Pleasing in Motherhood

Discover why so many women struggle to set boundaries with this empowering presentation on people pleasing. You’ll walk away with the tools and awareness you need to break people pleasing patterns and the belief that boundaries aren’t mean, they’re necessary. 


The Value of a Mother’s Labour in Society

Today there are more options for what motherhood can look like, but the village is more scarce than ever. The choices we make have layered implications, including how our capacity, mental health and support systems look – not to mention how our value is perceived by society. With a panel that represents the “traditional” career path, entrepreneurship, and the stay-at-home-mom journey, we talk about the way these different paths look, feel and resonate in modern motherhood. 


Optimize your Hormones to Beat Burnout in Motherhood

Exhaustion doesn't have to be a given in motherhood. There are simple habits you can implement as a busy mom to prioritize your health! In this talk, Dr. Ally, ND will give you practical and attainable tips to increase your energy, have more joy, and feel more present in motherhood. 


Re-Ignite Your Spark Through Connection and Community

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it actually takes a village to raise a mom. Motherhood should not be a solo journey, because having connection and community will help you navigate the challenging times. In this talk, Gillian will share her story of how the village she had in early motherhood disappeared, and how she had to work to intentionally rebuild her community by getting clear on what mattered most.



The IGNITE: Motherhood Wellness Summit will feature an array of local businesses with products and services that focus on moms and their wellness. Just in time for Christmas, there will be time between sessions and during breaks to browse and shop.

Giving Back

We are proud to give back to our community by donating proceeds from ticket sales to Mamas for Mamas. Please check back here closer to the event as we will also have a list of much-needed household items that Mamas for Mamas will be accepting onsite at the event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is organizing this event?

The IGNITE: Motherhood Wellness Summit began as an idea between us (Kristine, co-founder of One Tough Mother; Kelsie, of Kelsie Jane Coaching; and Breanne, of Diary of a People Pleaser), three moms who dreamed of holding space for moms to come together, experience community and growth, and deep dive into the topics that don't often get enough air time in our society.

Can I bring my kids to this event?

We all know how challenging it can be to try to have an important conversation while also juggling kids. We see this event as an opportunity to create time and space for yourself and there won't be any onsite childcare available. But we're also moms and we understand. Please reach out if you require an accommodation of any kind.

Is there parking available?

Yes! Free onsite parking is available adjacent to the building entrance.

We acknowledge we are on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

This is an inclusive event that honours and welcomes anyone who identifies as a mother, including members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, & those who have become a mom through adoption, foster care, marriage, birth or other.

Have a question? Please reach out to:

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